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Fold your towel so there’s enough room for you to place both your feet on it. They're small, easy to fold, and they come with a … But remember: those who go hard for a brief time look good for a long time. It also strengthens your arms, shoulders, back, glutes, and legs. Once you’ve brought your legs up to a crouching position, slowly slide your feet back to the high plank position. But here’s one other thing to keep in mind: not all core exercises are alike. In other words, “ab-slimming exercises” are not possible. But exercising your core is still important: Strong abdominal and back muscles are essential for doing everyday tasks, like lifting a 20-pound toddler and putting away groceries, not to mention preventing an achy back and maintaining good posture at your desk. The best isometric exercise for the obliques is side plank. //

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