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Green Waste Skips

Benefits of Hiring Skips for Green Waste.


For the environmentally conscious (and let’s be real; who isn’t these days?), proper waste disposal and management is essential for peace of mind. No one wants to be the irresponsible home owner who just dumped fifteen trash bags in a back-alley dumpster and left others to sift through it. Fact of the matter is that waste is inevitable. After every garden party, room renovation, and building reconstruction, there will be left over debris that no one knows what to do with. Rubble, gravel, dismantled furniture, broken planks of wood and scrap metal are just some examples of construction refuse that you can’t just simply leave lying around. Soil, rocks, dead plants, rotten fruit, twigs, and fallen branches are other examples of trash you can expect from a landscaping or garden clean-up project. While this kind of waste can be left lying around, it’ll take up too much space and too much time to break down.

This is why more and more people are seeing the benefit of hiring green waste skips to responsibly and effectively deal with their rubbish. Hiring a skip remains to be the best option for green waste containment, management, and disposal. Below are three simple reasons why.

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Typical skip operators and companies do most of the heavy lifting and paper processes for their clients. For the fee you pay them for skip rental and miscellaneous permit charges, they manage containment and transport to and from your location. They use their own vehicles and manpower to handle the skip (or skips) regardless of size and weight. All you really need to do is call the company, make the payment, and fill up the skips. Any developments before and after aren’t really your concern.

Once you’ve done your part, skip operators are contractually obligated to handle all the details of your waste disposal. The type of waste that needs to be disposed of and the disposal method required is now the company’s call based on their guidelines. Legally registered, government-approved skip hire companies either use their own waste processing facilities or are in collaboration with third-party waste disposal and management units. Either way, you’re assured that the rubbish in your bin will be processed, segregated, and disposed of safely and properly.



Of the eight or nine different waste disposal methods available, using a skip for management, containment, and segregation remains the best option by far. If you’ve got green waste ready to throw away – i.e., dead plants, rotten fruit remains, old soil, dry leaves – disposing of it in a skip makes it easier to transport the whole heap to a compost pit or organic farmland to be reused as fertilizer. If it’s all waste paper and office supplies in there, rest assured the whole skip will be sent to a recycling center.

Skips are typically made of durable, heavy-duty materials such as steel, metal alloys, chrome-plated aluminium, and other sturdy compounds. Ergo, the chances of the skip cracking or breaking – leading to accidental pollution and possible contamination – are very slim. Just to be on the safe side, people are also encouraged to throw their trash in standard black bags before placing them in the skip. This makes sorting it easier. Some skips also come with the option of being open-topped – for a simple toss-and-go disposal – or with a closing lid or side door. Those with lids have even less chance of accidental spillage and contamination are highly recommended when disposing of loose soil, gravel, rubble, and other green waste.



If you think about it, skips are basically huge, sturdy containers for you to fill up with whatever garbage you wish – with some guidelines, of course. Point is, they are the perfect containment unit for potential health and safety hazards. If you’re handling a construction or renovation project, you can clear an area of all broken glass, rusted nails, and scrap metal but if you don’t have a specific place to put it all, they’re still considered potential disaster traps. Having a skip around ensures you that no one’s going to be stepping on shards of glass or bent nails unless they actually want to.


In the end, hiring green waste skips may be a new and unfamiliar process for you, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying. The benefits of it far outweigh the cost and other concerns you may have. There are dozens of well-established green waste centres around Adelaide and other major cities, and they’re more than happy to help you get started. When measures must be taken for the sake of posterity, you’ll be glad you tried it.