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Skip Bin Sizes

Knowing Your Skip Sizes


Skips are simply defined as large, open-topped waste disposal containers – also known as “dumpsters” in US and Canadian English. While some neighbourhoods, buildings, and apartment complexes have communal skips available for public use, most corporations or local businesses prefer to rent or hire skips for big events such as parties, galas, renovations, general clean-ups and the like. It comes out as the cheaper, more sensible option.

Buying and installing a skip in your basement or backyard would take up unnecessary space. The cleaning and maintenance that comes with owning a skip could prove taxing and overwhelming, especially with larger skip sizes. The alternative isn’t as pleasant either. Instead of hiring a skip, you could opt to purchase multiple trash bins or fairly large garbage bags. Nonetheless the end result would be the same; a large pile of smelly, exposed refuse in your home or building.

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Most companies hire their skips out for up to 2 or 3 weeks, but there are some who offer it for just a number of days. In the event of spring cleaning or house renovation, you might want to consider renting a skip for a week or so, just to make sure you’ve cleaned out everything that needs to be cleared out. For slightly more social events such as garden parties, galas, or company dinners, having a skip or two on standby for the inedible leftovers and multiple crumpled tissue papers would save your clean-up crew a lot of trouble. The next day, simply have the garbage taken away and the skip returned.


Skips come in different styles and different sizes. Before renting one, it’s always a good idea to do a rough estimate of the quantity of waste you’ll be throwing away. You get the most out of your skip this way and you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses. A good rule of thumb is to get a little more than your estimate. Having too big a skip for your waste is a lot better than not having enough skip space.






Length: 1.52m (5ft.)

Width: 1.21m (4ft.)

Height: 0.91 (3ft.)

Small, convenient, compact. Perfect for small-scale domestic and commercial use, such as bathroom refits and per-floor waste disposal systems. Rent this skip for light clearance, disposal, and minor clean-ups.



Length: 1.83m (6ft.)

Width: 1.21m (4ft.)

Height: 0.91m (3ft.)

One of the more popular skips in the small category, the three-yard is best for trade or residential use. Consider renting this skip for small renovation or reconstruction work. If you’re refurbishing a bed or bath or you’re considering some minor landscaping, the three-yard should be big enough to manage the refuse.



Length: 2.13m (7ft.)

Width: 1.52m (5ft.)

Height: 0.91m (3ft.)

A versatile mini skip, the four-yard is ideal for both residential and commercial use – but still on a small scale. For local or start-up businesses thinking of redecorating an office or for minor room overhauls, consider renting a four-yard to handle your leftovers. It can hold around 45 to 55 black bags.



Length: 2.29m (7.5ft.)

Width: 1.52m (5ft.)

Height: 1.07m (3.5ft.)

Perhaps the best compromise between extra storage space and manageability, a five-yard skip has that little extra height on it for a more secure waste containment. It can hold as much as 55 to 65 standard-size trash bags with no difficulty. Perhaps the best bet for when rubble and soil are involved.




Length: 3.05m (10ft.)

Width: 1.68m (5.5ft.)

Height: 1.21m (4ft.)

Also known as a “small builder’s skip,” a six-yarder is ideal for projects on a slightly larger scale; think office building refurbishments and apartment building renovations. Typically available with or without a drop door at the rear, this skip is a good choice for gravel removal or general debris disposal. It can hold anywhere between 65 to 75 black bags.



Length: 2.66m (12ft.)

Width: 1.83m (6ft.)

Height: 1.37m (4.5ft.)

Able to hold around 75 to 85 regular trash bags, an 8 yard skip is the most common choice for fairly large landscaping projects or garden/backyard overhauls. It’s big enough to hold an equal mix of soil, gravel, rubble, and common refuse. A skip this size also comes with an optional cover or door if needed.



Length: 3.66m (12ft.)

Width: 1.83m (6ft.)

Height: 1.83m (6ft.)

About the same size as an eight-yarder, save for the extra height, a 10 yard skip is great for major projects if you’re under a budget – both financial and space-wise. Typically able to hold 80 to 90 regular trash bags at a time, it’s ideal for house-and-lot cleaning. It’s also the largest skip still barely within the medium-sized skip parameters.






Length: 3.96m (13ft.)

Width: 1.98(6.5ft.)

Height: 1.83m (6ft.)

One of the go-to skip sizes under the maxi skip category, the twelve-yarders is excellent for both commercial, industrial, and residential use. Ideal for major, large-scale projects such as house clearances. Its high-sided construction also makes it the best choice for bulky items – think broken television sets and dismantled furniture.



Length: 4.27m (14ft.)

Width: 1.83m (6ft.)

Height: 1.98m (6.5ft.)

Typically used for trade use, the sixteen-yarder is a little too big for residential or personal use (unless your house is bordering on the mansion/complex dimensions). It is, however, the perfect size for light construction refuse and demolition waste. Like the twelve-yarder, this skip is also great for bulky, awkward items. They’re usually also low-sided to make filling easier.



Length: 3.96m (13ft.)

Width: 1.98m (6.5ft.)

Height: 2.13m (7ft.)

The largest size available, the eighteen-yarder was made for full-scale disposal projects. Truly the best choice for large industrial and commercial needs such as full-building demolition, reconstruction, and refitting. While it’s great for bulky, awkward items, it’s not advisable to use for soil or rubble removal.