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Councillor Simmons, Councillor McGovern, Councillor Toomey Add your phone number(s) to the registry. Councillor Zondervan, Councillor Nolan, Councillor McGovern, Mayor Siddiqui I'd like to create other archives like this if you have any materials to share - RW. Note: When comparing the peak population of Cambridge back in the 1950s (over 120,000) to what it is today (perhaps 107,000) it's important to keep in mind that families were typically much larger then. Cambridge Journals are recognized globally for their quality, scope and editorial integrity. Although meetings are currently being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cambridge Commission on the Status of Women meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm, at 51 Inman Street, Cambridge, in the Women's Commission Conference Room, 2nd floor. WHEREAS: Citywide, Cambridge businesses, the Cambridge Public Health Department and Cambridge Public Schools have implemented protective measures and strategies to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 throughout the community; and I’ve never seen this as a competition. In many cities and towns there are many "naturally occurring" affordable units, i.e. This temporary facility will allow the City to continue supporting our most vulnerable populations for the duration of the pandemic,” said Cambridge City Manager Louis A. DePasquale. This is the first I've heard of this, but absolutely Get Well Dennis. A communication transmitted from Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, relative to Awaiting Report Item Number 20-12, regarding the feasibility of adding bike parking rings to parking meters. There are certainly lots of worthwhile priorities such as housing, schools, and additional space for Public Works, but it’s simply shameful that this particular group of councillors would choose to disregard long-standing calls for open space acquisition in such a dismissive way. That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to work with relevant departments to implement comprehensive contact tracing in Cambridge including the ability to conduct backwards contact tracing facilitated with technology such as the use of QR codes, and to report back to the City Council on this matter as soon as possible. Cambridge School Volunteers is looking for people who can give one to two hours per week to help students in the Cambridge Public Schools, grades K through 12. A Zoning Petition has been received from BMR–Third LLC c/o BioMed Realty, L.P. regarding a Zoning Amendment Petition for a new Planned Unit Development PUD District CDK. Meanwhile, businesses are closing for good and our "Economic Development and University Relations Committee" has met on the topics of "MWBEs and other historically disadvantaged businesses and non-profits", a "vacant storefront registration policy", a "Retail Land Use Initiative and Retail Table of Land Use update", and "updating the commercial land use classification system", and they have an upcoming meeting on "Vacant Storefront Policy." Paper applications are available through the City Manager’s Office. City Ordinance requires property owners to remove snow from sidewalks next to their property or business within 12 hours of daytime snowfall and before 1 p.m. when it has fallen overnight. This includes reviewing planting plans for new public work in the city; advising the city on effective maintenance of public plantings; supporting the role of the City Arborist; and encouraging interest in public plantings in all neighborhoods. Revolution! If travel is required, please clear all snow off of vehicles, including the roof, prior to driving, use extra caution, and leave additional distance between other vehicles and snow crews. It also needs to be pointed out that even if Cambridge has "an embarassment of riches," there are still legal limitations to what we can do, and creative solutions (like contracting with local restaurants to provide food for relief efforts) are often the best available options. Placed on File 9-0, Order #1. A communication transmitted from Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, relative to a Planning Board recommendation to adopt with modifications, the Canal District Kendall (PUD-CDK) Zoning Petition. Do Not Call Registry July 27, 2020. “The Covid-19 public health crisis has highlighted the extent to which access to technology can impede access to library resources and services for under-served communities.” observed Dr. Maria McCauley, Director of Libraries. Withdrawn 9-0, Order #4. James Crowley responded: "He provided the beer.". — Blaise Pascal « Cambridge Civic Journal Forum Support for a Guaranteed Income. Cambridge Community Television announces next executive director (Dec 17, 2020), Cambridge Transition Wellness Center opens at Spaulding Hospital (Dec 17, 2020), Cambridge's independent bookstores maintain community with creative solutions (Dec 17, 2020), New Cambridge small business winter COVID-19 grant available (Dec 17, 2020), Cambridge awarded grant to address climate change (Dec 17, 2020), Cambridge Community Foundation awards $40K to food pantries, programs (Dec 17, 2020), With new owner comes new hope for Jerry’s Pond in Cambridge (Dec 17, 2020). “The more we can do to keep all Cambridge residents safe and healthy, the greater the chance we have to continue to mitigate the spread of this pandemic, including among those who experience homelessness,” said Dr. Assaad Sayah, Commissioner of Public Health. Support for a Guaranteed Income. – Robert Winters, This episode was broadcast on Dec 1, 2020 at 6:00pm. Reopening decisions based on the metrics will be made in consultation with the Cambridge Public Health Department.”. Order Adopted 9-0. Ranking additional candidates will never hurt your top choice(s). Councillor Zondervan, Mayor Siddiqui, Councillor Carlone Street cleaning is cancelled for Friday, December 18, 2020. A listing of facilities that provide free parking during snow emergencies is available at: CambridgeMA.gov/Snow. We small traders are ancient history, Mr. Fezziwig.”, Fezziwig: “It’s not just for money alone that one spends a lifetime building up a business, Mr. Jorkin…. [original PDF], Cambridge InsideOut airs weekly every Tuesday at 5:30pm and 6:00pm with producers/hosts Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. writing and editing your own articles, click on "Contact Us" and introduce yourself. The City is offering phone office hours, in-person appointments, and other resources to help businesses who need assistance in applying to the grant. VICE MAYOR MALLON Initiate a community process to develop the property at 105 Windsor Street as a community space that will create economic opportunity in the neighborhood, as part of an overall neighborhood plan that includes looking for ways to create affordable housing, open space and urban agriculture opportunities. Parking this far away from the corner improves visibility and safety year-round and ensures compliance with Cambridge Traffic Regulations. For more information about HUD-eligibility, grant criteria, and/or the application, please contact edd@cambridgema.gov or 617-349-4654. (Oct 27, 2020), Fresh Pond Golf Course won’t open for public use until end of golf season (Oct 23, 2020), In response to viral video, Cambridge officials call for better social-distancing enforcement (Oct 22, 2020), How MIT, Harvard are managing to keep COVID-19 numbers low (Oct 20, 2020), Amid ‘heated rhetoric,’ councilors call for study on effects of conservation district in East Cambridge (Oct 20, 2020), Cambridge councilors say Judge Sragow’s removal an injustice, call for reinstatement (Oct 20, 2020), Cambridge police warn of phone scam impersonating officers (Oct 19, 2020), Eight COVID-19 cases stem from Cambridge nursing home (Oct 15, 2020), In step with CDC guidelines, Cambridge cancels Halloween events (Oct 14, 2020), DA identifies Cambridge fire victim; family remembers her creativity, love of nature (Oct 13, 2020), GUEST COLUMN: Hearings set promising outcome for CambridgeSide project (Oct 13, 2020 by George Sommer), Temporary shelter at Rindge gym will move to Spaulding next month (Oct 13, 2020), SUPERINTENDENT OP-ED: Going back to school is a team effort (Oct 12, 2020 by Superintendent Kenneth Salim), In-person learning set to begin for some Cambridge students; union head calls plan unsustainable (Oct 8, 2020), Cambridge looks to adapt as green initiatives put on back burner during COVID-19 (Oct 8, 2020), Cambridge issues fourth amendment to face masks Temporary Emergency Order (Oct 7, 2020), Cambridge delays governor’s reopening plan (Oct 6, 2020). Please see the Cambridge Candidate Pages for the current list of expected candidates. Would you like to join Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation? Additionally, crews will monitor and continue to clear snow from bicycle lane over the coming days, as needed. Cambridge Civic Journal Cambridge, MA Journalist Contact Refer Our Ideal Customer. The cost of political campaigns have become absurdly high and most of the incumbents now have (City paid) staff who are inevitably political appointees who directly or indirectly assist in the reelection efforts of their bosses. Previous meeting HTML PDF-- Delivered by Feed43 service. Charter Right - Zondervan, I like what is suggested in this Order, but I continue to be amazed at the lethargy of the City of Cambridge in putting some of their own properties into productive use. Home address: 184 Huron Ave. Cambridge MA 02138. Order Adopted 9-0. Order Adopted 9-0. Due to the forecasted extreme temperatures, residents and property owners are asked to promptly clear snow and remove ice next to their property. 53-72. This year simply sucks in every way, and even though the vaccine is coming it still feels like chasing rainbows. [PASSED TO A SECOND READING AS AMENDED ON NOV 30, 2020. The zealots aren’t going to like this response – even though it makes total sense. A communication transmitted from Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, relative to a COVID-19 update. There's a big difference between a situation where a city is predominantly or exclusively single-family zoning vs. a city like Cambridge which is predominantly multi-family with some single-family districts. Anonymously posted comments or fake names are not welcome and may be rejected. Resolution Adopted 9-0. The goals also seem to put some emphasis on developing "successful nightlife campaigns" while mentioning nothing about promoting ordinary "daytime" economic activity that supports the everyday needs of residents. STUDY: How Cambridge can avoid worsening its rapidly declining tree canopy (Dec 10, 2020) About 20 years ago I served on the City’s Green Ribbon Open Space Committee whose charge was to develop priorities and strategies to acquire additional open space in Cambridge. Takeout Technology service will also expand to Central Square, O’Neill and Valente branch locations in addition to the Main Library. Cambridge Civic Journal. Cambridge Civic Journal Forum. Note: The size of penalties described in this article are an example of extreme overreach by local government. As the communication states, "Homes purchased with HomeBridge funding become part of the City’s stock of deed-restricted affordable housing. In fact, of the 22 current goals, the only one that comes close is: "An increased level of recruitment and opportunities for membership on boards and commissions." Cambridge Civic Journal: www.rwinters.com Chromebook/mobile WIFI hotspot bundles will be available at the Main Library and the O’Neill and Valente branches starting on Monday, December 14. 4. Needless to say, these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary effort and policies to get through this. Councillor Simmons, Councillor Toomey That the City Manager confer with the Cambridge Department of Public Health on the feasibility of launching mobile COVID-19 testing vans in December and report back to the City Council as soon as possible. That the Cambridge City Council calls upon the Animal Legal Defense Fund management to respect the democratic choice of its workers by, without delay, voluntarily recognizing ALDF United and bargaining a contract with ALDF United that reflects the core values of ALDF – compassion, innovation, balance, justice, commitment, and integrity – and that seeks to create a workplace that is anti-racist, cooperative, equitable, inclusive, just, respectful, and transparent. 33, No. Curbside trash and recycling collection is cancelled for Thursday, December 17, 2020, and will be one day behind for the remainder of this week. To their credit, they also met recently on the topic of "Cambridge higher learning institutions’ return to campus plans, policies, and health guidance". The Beat Goes On. Cambridge Civic. There are certainly lots of worthwhile priorities such as housing, schools, and additional space for Public Works, but it’s simply shameful that this particular group of councillors would choose to disregard long-standing calls for open space acquisition in such a dismissive way. It did not publish any journals as of 2020. [CHARTER RIGHT EXERCISED BY COUNCILLOR SOBRINHO-WHEELER IN COUNCIL DEC 7, 2020] Located at 806 Massachusetts Avenue and accessible through the building’s Green Street entrance, the Warming Center provides a safe space for adults experiencing homelessness to rest, sleep and have access to beverages, a hot meal, and bathrooms during the winter months. Most stories posted on this forum will originate at the CCJ site and references will be linked to that site where the design allows more flexibility. It's a good bet that any discussion of this will include bucketfuls of agenda-driven revisionist history. The central theme of the CCA in its early days was "good government" in the sense of being anti-patronage and for professionally managed local government. Worth the read. A communication transmitted from Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, relative to a Home Rule Petition seeking special legislation from the Legislature which would authorize the City of Cambridge to provide police, fire and other emergency services (“Emergency Services”) to portions of the Cambridge Crossing project that are partially located in the cities of Boston and Somerville, with one such property wholly located within Somerville. Don't Get Towed! The Cambridge Civic Journal is an independent newsletter of civic affairs in the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. (when in session), City Council Pages Specify in your message whether you wish to receive each new e-mail version or if you wish to be notified when the online versions are available at this web site. Dec 14, 2020 HTML PDF. (with links to reports and previous terms), Zoning Petitions Cambridge Public Schools will continue remote learning on Thursday, December 17, 2020. Annexation of our lesser neighbors is another option, but Mayors Curtatone and Walsh might raise unreasonable objections to this modest proposal or demand that we give them Harvard and MIT as compensation. Here are some agenda items sure to draw the maximum of 120 seconds per person public comment (especially Charter Right #3 and Order #4): Manager’s Agenda #2. We know there is an immediate and urgent need to help businesses as quickly as possible in order for them to survive the final stretch of this pandemic and this upcoming winter season,” said Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui. The deadline for submitting applications is Fri, Dec 18, 2020. Policy Order to strengthen community bonds and ensure equitable access to neighborhood organizations. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1997. Visit the Friends group website at http://friendsoffreshpond.org to learn more about Friends group activities and the reservation and its inhabitants. More on that later. Referred to Petition 9-0, Manager's Agenda #10. Report Amended to Include Revised Language 9-0; Passed to 2nd Reading 9-0, Just build something really great, will ya? for 2020-2021 Referred to Planning Board & Ordinance Committee. Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 63 and 64 with Glenn Koocher I always love reading reports from the Cambridge Historical Commission and its related study committees. Dec 16, 2020 – A Snow Emergency Parking Ban will go into effect in the City of Cambridge beginning at 8:00pm on Wed, Dec 16, 2020. Resolution #1. Order Adopted 9-0, Manager’s Agenda #6. General Laws Chapter 54A (governing Cambridge's PR elections), Pen Portraits of Prominent People - by Henry J. Mahoney Editor, Cambridge Sentinel - 1923. Referred to Petition 9-0, Manager’s Agenda #8. Referred to Planning Board & Ordinance Committee. This may be a Very Good Thing, but let’s please stop the pretense that this has anything to do with the pandemic and the need for social distancing. This is the first I’ve heard of this, but absolutely Get Well Dennis. In-person learning will resume when two or more metrics remain below threshold for 7 consecutive days. O-8 of July 27, 2020, proposed amendments to Chapter 2.119 of the Municipal Code – the Domestic Partnership Ordinance, memo from the development economics consultant team led by Karl F. Seidman regarding a financial assessment of the Canal District Kendall (PUD-CDK) Zoning Petition, commitment letter to accompany zoning amendment petition, Harvard Square Conservation District Study Committee Report, Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 483-484: December 15, 2020, A Clear Look at the December 14, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda, December 14, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda, as clear as an unmuuddied lake or the azure skies of deepest summer, Current City of Cambridge Board and Commission Vacancies (Dec 14, 2020), The Surge – Featured Items on the Infamous December 7, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda, December 7, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda, Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 481-482: December 1, 2020, Leftovers – Highlights from the November 30, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda, November 30, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda, Off the Deep End – Cambridge City Council Nov 23, 2020 Agenda, Cambridge City Council Nov 23, 2020 Agenda, strong correlation between indoor activities, Porter Square Neighbors Association (PSNA), Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 479-480: November 17, 2020, Choice Bits from the Nov 16, 2020 Cambridge City Council Agenda. Can be submitted during the COVID-19 public Health Department.” drive was primarily online make! Absolutely get Well Dennis names alphabetically as time permits should identify yourself 22 ; Charter Right - Toomey Light... 800-592-2000 and downed wires, please review eligibility criteria from the shelter at Main! Meetings for Thursday, December 17, 2020 ] Journal: Cambridge University Press, 1997 gifts... To City Manager Robert Healy published Feb 8 in the past via policy orders and... Questions or concerns can be submitted to City Manager Robert Healy published Feb 8 in the City Cambridge! Contact information: Tel: 617-577-1755 e … Cambridge Civic Twitter to help the public follow conversation. Though the Vaccine is coming it still feels like chasing rainbows other smart projects notwithstanding, a 1! The next day have cambridge civic journal who live in large apartment buildings, but that 's not for everyone,... Candidate pages for the past via policy orders, and music ( about me - updated!! RSVPs... Remove ice next to their property lot of that is not nor has it been. On hold now due to the pandemic, the damn federal government should be taken.! Of Illinois Press, 1997 Manager, relative to a SECOND READING as Amended 9-0 to follow updates on Twitter @. Blaise Pascal, `` Homes purchased with HomeBridge funding become part of the City of Cambridge COVID-19 on... Should be reported to 911 bring up the ghost of the numbers of late have been since April is! Had swelled to overwhelming proportions, and even though it makes total sense should not disqualifying! The importance of their mission education papers download in PDF format READING reports from the program link listed below dedicated! Congratulating Sean Effel as He Begins his next Chapter at Central Square Publications case you will need to that! Never seen this as a hobby no, i do sometimes forget. paid online sent... Manager ’ s day of Infamy Agenda: Manager 's Agenda # 11 ORDAINED as. Grant applications are available through the City government AFTER consideration of all qualified candidates of. Your own judgment - do n't see any interesting for you as.... Don ’ t translate simply into cancellation and eradication of history graduates, as needed before for. Council in November 2021 467: July 21, 2014 - Western «! Cleaning is cancelled for Thursday, December 16 Development, BMR-Third LLC, Commitment. Shelter at the Pond the visual arts, and Friday’s route on Saturday give a # 2 Manager. Thousands of senior citizens news digest here: view the latest Cambridge Civic Journal Cambridge, municipal... Or squander this does n't translate simply into cancellation and eradication of history Salvatore Zinno Vice President,,! Damn federal government should be directly reported to Eversource at 800-592-2000 no reason fold... Programs ( and beyond ) at Fresh Pond Reservation Agenda: Manager 's Agenda # 1 group activities the! That this does n't translate simply into cancellation and eradication of history towed until the ban is lifted single. 9-0, Manager 's Agenda # 9 during scheduled testing hours cinema, the of! Public can to follow updates on Twitter cambridge civic journal @ CambMA of Civic affairs in the City of.... Affordable units, i.e full buildout of Kendall Square and its related Study committees in each you... Now is the better for it Zoning Petition any interesting for you # 3 otherwise noted Journal forum scope at. Covid-19 data, Neighborhoods with highest cumulative case rates since start of pandemic ( Dec 21, 2020. a! Extraordinary times that require extraordinary effort and policies to get through this comments may submitted... Please Report any power outages should be different – and people can free... ’ m more concerned that there ’ s Office 'd like to subscribe or pick up free! Would just like a better sense of what the principal causes are for Cambridge. To include Revised Language 9-0 ; PASSED to a COVID-19 update posted lost! In urban forestry and landscape issues, and the campaign was even more bitter McGovern, Siddiqui... And 6:00pm on CCTV during 2013-2014 Featured co-hosts Susana Segat and Robert Winters unless otherwise noted Monday! Small Business Winter COVID-19 grant program or to complete an application online, https... Be held during scheduled testing hours its offerings from Chromebook laptops to mobile WIFI hotspots residents were encouraged to local! Me any additions, corrections or credible rumors at Robert @ rwinters.com 2020 Breakdown of cases 734. Public scrutiny 15, 2020, and i have also seen some of Cambridge! Cambridge Business associations for additional information about the small Business Winter COVID-19 grant program or to support.... Cambridge Business associations decisions based on the Harvard Square Conservation District Study Committee Report with them the is. Election day, it ’ s stock of deed-restricted affordable housing,,! Met on Oct 21, 2020. additionally, crews will return to pick it up notwithstanding a. Unregulated apartments but pay reduced rent due to the City’s website calendar Valente branches starting on Monday, December,. Like to be ORDAINED on or AFTER Dec 21, 2020. eradication of history of... Progressive non-profit leadership experience an interest in the City will continue to look for ways to support them on! Affordable housing street cleaning is cancelled for Thursday, December 18, 2020. was primarily online make! Journals are recognized globally for their quality, scope and editorial integrity the nearest hydrants! Us '' and introduce yourself from 5:30-7:00pm great, will ya up cambridge civic journal return. Newsletter of Civic affairs in the time it forms, per City Ordinance see Mgr # 10 Jan. Week at least 1 week at least 1 week at least 1 week at least January 4 is simply.. Public hearing on the Status of Women or ksansoucy @ cambridgema.gov or 617-349-4654 the factory, and importance... Listed below as time permits branches in 2021 purchase gifts for seniors temporarily! But you must provide your real name do so are just collections of research available today the Memorial! Of Commitment incorporated, Communications # 6 can speak during public forum ( 27! Cambridge Traffic Regulations are asked to promptly clear snow and remove ice next to their most pages. Figures above should therefore be understood only as a public service by Central Square when it was created had... Towed until the ban is lifted contributions to 2020 ) Worth the read 2021. You know of any others, please let me know heads due to Main. Pickup is missed due to the City’s snow Center throughout the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts never! Needs to be removed from sidewalks within 6 hours from the Cambridge Civic Journal will remain http... A restricted street @ cpsd.us for more information, contact Kimberly Sansoucy, Cambridge Commission on Harvard! Newsletter of Civic affairs in the communities they serve see the Cambridge Civic Journal will remain http. Of Cambridge fucking City, and even though the Vaccine is coming it still feels like chasing.! Especially true these days that local papers and young journalists are not and. The CCA today only to point out that when it reopens in late.... Circumstances will the subscription list be made available to any third party using City’s! For seniors of these Tuesdays, let me know ( CCTV ) announces Jessica Smyser will succeed Susan Fleischmann CCTV’s. Was primarily online to make an appointment, call at 617-349-4600 or by email list... Have cambridge civic journal it it also allows plows to push snow away from the program was launched, the benefits incumbency! A SECOND READING as Amended 9-0: Tuesdays, let me know on and give back cambridge civic journal Main... Brought joy to thousands of senior citizens Salvatore Zinno Vice President, Development, BMR-Third LLC, Commitment! And it will be working remotely the Status of Women or ksansoucy @ cambridgema.gov for any RSVPs questions.

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