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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

SA Skip Bins Adelaide is a dedicated firm that ensured nothing but top quality to our clients. We are a waste management company that cares and wants only best for our customers. The following are some of the frequently asked questions and their solutions.

Does SA Skip Bins Adelaide provide the environment-friendly waste management solutions?

Yes, we offer ideal and environment-friendly waste management solutions to all our clients. Whether is residential or commercial, we make sure that the waste or rubbish is disposed of accordingly and in the right manner. We also recover and recycle waste that can be reused so as to reduce further pollution.


  • What is the size of skip bin that I need?

The units used to measure skip bins us usually in cubic meters. To find out the size of skip you require, you need to be aware of the dimensions of the height, width and length of the waste to be transported. The type of waste will also determine the size of the skip that you will require.


  • What is the maximum level that the skip bin can be filled to?

When you are using the skip bin, make sure, not to fill it to the rim. This is due to the “Occupational Health and Safety “rule that states that all full skips should be covered while being transported.


  • What can I put in the Skips?

This depends on the type of skip bin hire you need.. There are different skips designed to suit various kinds of waste that is out there. One needs to first know the material that is being disposed of so as to use the right kind of skip.


  • Can I move the position of the skip bin?

One is discouraged not to move the skip bin once it has been placed. This might cause problems or damages to the bin. So do not move it once it has been placed.


  • Can the skip bin be collected before the agreed date?

Yes, it can be collected before the agreed date. This can easily be done with proper communication to our staff. Once the client communicates that the skip has been filled, it will be collected.


  • Can one use the skip bin to dispose of electrical items?

Yes, one can do so. This will depend on the skip bin that you choose for waste disposal.